Supporting Women Artists Project (SWAP)


Who We Are
SWAP (Supporting Women Artists Project) is a non-profit organization that supports and facilitates the success of women artists and the development of young women who are interested in art. SWAP seeks to develop a community of women artists who can encourage the success of their peers while at the same time giving a network of talented young student artists the intellectual and creative tools to pursue educations and careers as artists.

What We Do
SWAP offers free studio space to emerging women artists who are interested in mentoring young women students passionate about art. SWAP collaborates with schools, organizations, galleries, and museums in New York City to create opportunities for both adult and student artists to show and promote their work. As the artists-in-residence are able to produce, sell, and promote their work and expand their professional and social networks, they will have a greater chance of becoming full-time, independent working artists. Additionally, as they mentor young women, these artists have the opportunity to impact young people who otherwise might not be exposed to women artists as role models, and would have little chance of nurturing their love for the arts.

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SWAP’s founders recognize the under-representation of women in all spheres of the art world, and understand that women artists need many tools and support systems to reach parity with their male counterparts.

SWAP will help bridge this divide by

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