Supporting Women Artists Project (SWAP)

Claire Brassil
claire.jpgClaire Brassil creates delicate pencil and gouache drawings of surrealscenes based on family photos and tales of everyday life. Suggesting memories of a life already lived, the scenarios are psychologically charged and often suffused with a sense of melancholy. The images give an immediate sense of playfulness and innocence, that upon closer inspection reveal complex relationships and power dynamics.

Claire received an MFA in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA in Women’s Studies from Vassar College. She currently shows work with Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts in New York City.

Kara D’Angelo

Kara’s work explores the use of abstracted structures to suggest the human form. These gestural interpretations become a remnant of someone or something that is absent. The apparitions evoke a moment in time in which a sense of movement occurs beyond the body. The viewer’s own imagination can explore the potential of each informational vessel.

Basic hand construction techniques are used to assemble simple materials such as cloth, paper or wire. Multiple units are constructed and then combined for lyrical portrayals. Each time these individual units are configured together it is an impromptu act. The completed whole reveals the manipulation of planes and spatial articulations. This allows for a constant change of interpretation, which becomes an integral part in the perception of each work.

Kara received an undergraduate degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and Master of Fine Arts degree from The University of California, Davis. Her work has been represented by the Bettcher Gallery in Miami, Florida since 2004.

Francis Holstrom
fran.jpgFran Holstrom’s paintings expose the raw nature of paint while holding fast to the history of abstract art. Working from series to series in a search for the every shifting ??€œtruth” in abstraction, her inventive techniques inhabit a middle ground in which we are uncertain whether the image is being built or is in a state of erosion. The artist is inspired by her childhood spent on a sustainable farm in Wisconsin and the urban decay of her current surroundings in New York City. Melding two drastically different experiences, she seeks to uncover a unique language in paint.

She holds an MFA in painting from Brooklyn�??s Pratt Institute and a BA in interdisciplinary visual arts from the University of Washington in Seattle. Her work has been featured in many group shows throughout the country. She currently shows with the Baumgartner gallery in New York City.

Katrina Jeffries
Katrina Jeffries is a multi-disciplinary artist working in New York for over twenty-five years. Originally from Columbus, Ohio she graduated from Ohio State University with a design degree in Theater. While in New York she continued her exploration of fine art and crafts by studying at Parsons School of Design, New York University, Urban Glass and private ceramic studios. She has taught at Community Centers, Private schools, studios and museums. Her work has been featured in Galleries and Boutiques and private collections in New York, Washington, DC and Chicago.

Sabrina Lee
Sabrina creates conceptually driven work that uses imagery and symbols derived from Popular Culture to discuss and challenge social expectation. She states, “As a second generation immigrant, I lie in a state of no man’s land, fluctuating between opposing social definitions, the Eastern ideal of the collective versus the Western ideal of the individual.”Sabrina was born in a small town in Central California where her parents owner-operated a Chinese restaurant. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA from San Diego State University, and has studied abroad in Italy and Sweden.

Liz Lessner
Born and raised in Chicago, Liz Lessner spent her youth spying on her neighbors as they paraded through the alley. During the dull hours of surveillance she planned bank heists and worked out complex equations in preparation for her career as a mathematician. Sometimes, she amused herself by making figurines cobbled together from household items. A short and transient decade later, she discovered the joy of building strange and fantastical structures out of familiar and mundane materials. Thus the desire to transform space and prompt emotional and analytical engagement with the world of the physical was born. Her early passion for surveillance has since manifested itself in her works current themes of voyeurism and intimacy and her early lust for the logic of mathematics has found new life in the permutations of design. She received a Bachelors in Art from the University of Oregon in 2004. Liz works and exhibits in New York City.
Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Skidmore College. She currently lives and works in New York City.

Elizabeth Schuppe
Elizabeth has been influenced by the Abstract Expressionism of the 1950′s. Her work is an exploration of color and space. Letting color dictate, she creates atmospheres both harmonic and dissonant.

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