Supporting Women Artists Project (SWAP)

Jessica Kain Like her older sister, Jessica Kain came into this world on the bed her father kept for twenty-two years in their house on the hill. And although her other five siblings weren’t born on this bed, Jessica loves them dearly for they too were born, on beds, somewhere. From this sleeping surface Jessica grew up traveling between her father in California and her mother in Oregon. She attended the Lycee International de Los Angeles where she pursued a bilingual education in English and French. She later made her way east, to Dartmouth College, where she completed work in drawing, painting, printmaking and a thesis in sculpture to earn an A.B. in Studio Art with Honors. In her work Jessica has developed a sensitivity to materials and a fascination with storytelling. She cultivates these interests in order to better understand conventions of interpretation and what these reveal about the innovation and reception of information. Jessica has also studied drawing at the New York Studio School and anthropology at the University of Auckland. She currently lives and works in New York City.

Tess Korobkin received her BA in Studio Art and American Studies from Yale. She has studied mural arts in Mexico and art’s role in democracy in Peru. Recently, she traveled to South Dakota to create a community mural at the Cheyenne River reservation. Since she began working at Artists for Humanity in Boston at 17, Tess has worked at many arts-based youth empowerment programs. In the Bronx, she worked as the Program Director at Voices UnBroken, facilitating creative arts workshops with young people in community centers, residential treatment programs, re-entry programs, and detention centers. Her artwork is concerned with using art materials in unconventional ways, using found materials as art materials, and telling stories. She is interested in work that has a public orientation.

Liz photoLiz Lessner received a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Art from the University of Oregon. Lessner has exhibited her sculptures in group and two person exhibitions in Oregon, Michigan, and New York. She has shown her work at Collision Machine, Brooklyn Artist Gym, 3rd Ward, and A.I.R. Gallery (Artists in Residence), the first cooperative for women artists in the United States. Highlights include the two-person show “Common China” at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, and two group shows with Supporting Women Artists Project (SWAP) at Brooklyn Artists Gym and A.I.R. gallery. Lessner has worked as an arts educator at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, the Willammette Valley Folk Festival (Eugene,OR), Interlochen Center for the Arts (Interlochen, MI), and Girls Prepatory Charter School (New York, NY).

Rachel Murawski SWAP studio manager, experiments with a variety of media and concepts to create unique three-dimensional works of art. Her approach combines traditional sculpting methods, casting, and assemblage. She utilizes many discarded and recycled elements in her sculptures, giving a new life and context in which to view the objects. Her style has both an urban and organic aesthetic, due to the materials she combines and contrasts in her work. Her most recent series is concerned with ecological health and sustainability, and a common theme of transformation and transcendence is apparent in many of her pieces. She received her BA in Art Studio from the University of California at Davis, and her teaching credential from San Francisco State University. She is a recent transplant of the San Francisco Bay Area, where she exhibited frequently, and taught high school. She now lives and works in New York city as a scenic artist in set design and fabrication and as a sculptor.

Catherine Rosamond, born in Tokyo, but raised in Japan, Canada and the U.S., is a Brooklyn-based metal sculptor and an art educator. Her most recent works include textured three and two-dimensional pieces incorporating metals with other materials such as paper, wool and mirrors. Catherine uses different materials and textures as vehicles to question the different sets of “values” in the society. She invites viewers to reflect their own experiences to openly interpret her pieces. In addition to her life as an artist, Catherine works as an artist consultant at a day care facility for adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities. She uses her intuitive skills to discover hidden artistic talents of her clients so she is able to focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. She has also taught art to various marginalized population, including the homeless, hospice patients and children from low-income households. She believes that art-making is a powerful tool that connects her students to the world that may have left them astray. Catherine received her undergraduate degree in Product Design from Parsons School of Design, as well as in Art History and Communication from Boston University. She is currently writing her thesis for the Art & Art Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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