Supporting Women Artists Project (SWAP)

The Supporting Women Artists Project (SWAP) supports and facilitates the success of women artists and the development of young women interested in becoming artists. SWAP seeks to develop a community of women artists that can encourage the success of their peers and give a network of talented young artists the intellectual tools to pursue a careers as artists.

The idea is simple: SWAP provides free studio space to select women artists who mentor young female school students passionate about art. SWAP collaborates work with organizations, galleries, and museums in New York City to create opportunities for both adult and student artists to show and sell their work.

As our participating women artists are able to produce, sell, and promote more work and expand their professional and social networks, they have a greater chance of becoming independent working artists. And as they mentor young women, these artists have the opportunity to impact young people whose love for the arts might otherwise never be nurtured.

SWAP is run by its board of directors: Francesca Kaplan, Andrea Flynn, and Nathan Brookshire.

Francesca Kaplan: Founder and Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Francesca Kaplan is an artist and art specialist here in New York City. Working for Girls Prep, a Charter School for Girls on the lower East Side, has underlined her devotion to supporting women artists old and young. Francesca has a Master’s Degree in Art Education and Curriculum Development from Stanford University and has taught in and run art programs for children at The Boys and Girls Club in Menlo Park, CA and the JCC in Manhattan. Her most recent work was shown in das MoMA Berlin in 2004-2005.

Andrea Flynn: Founder and Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Andrea Flynn is a development consultant who actively supports the political, economic and social development of young women. She currently works with the Women Moving Millions Campaign in NYC – an initiative that brings together women who have given $1 million gifts to women’s foundations, and encourages other women to do the same. She has worked with organizations such as Women’s eNews and the Center for Work Life Policy and before moving to New York she spent three years managing The Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. The Board is a group of 150 women from around the world whose support sustains women’s programming, funds gender-based research, and provides mentoring to women students at the school. Andrea developed the Board’s mentoring program that connected more than 200 students a year with women leaders across the globe.

Nathan Brookshire: Donor Relations Director, Board of Directors

Nathan Brookshire is taking some time off from working in the Financial Service Industry to reconnect with his passion for social enterprise. As a Human Biology major at Stanford University, Nathan focused on adolescent behavioral development and co-founded an arts program for children with Francesca Kaplan at The Boys and Girls Club in Menlo Park, CA. Through his support and involvement with SWAP, Nathan is committed to both helping eliminate the under-representation of women in the professional art world, and enhancing the educational development of young, creative women.

Geraldine Chung: Chair, Advisory Board

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